Requests for permission to use any of our copyrighted content must be in writing and sent to the appropriate person at the Pearson Education company that publishes the work. Use the following resources when making your request. These files are provided in Adobe® Acrobat® format.

Please include the title, author, ISBN, how content will be used, exact pages, and number of copies. If your request is for permission to use Web pages from our company Web sites, your fax must include the URL address, and a printed copy of the Web pages that contain the material you would like to reuse with a clear indication of the pieces you desire. You must also include a brief description of your intended use for these components, plus the following information:

  1. The intended audience, an estimate of how many persons will view the content you have requested, and the dates during which you expect the material to be available to your audience.

  2. A description of access and usage control methods (e.g., Is a password required to access the site? Provide password and URL address; Can the content be downloaded? Printed?)

  3. A description of the cost to access your site.

  4. A sample of how and where you would display our content and copyright notice.