• 01

    The formal system in which society passes on its information and values from one generation to the next:

  • 02

    Lessons taught in school that does not appear as part of the formal lesson plans and learning objectives:

  • 03

    Sociologists suggest that the education system plays an important role in society, because it teaches individuals the values of a community.

  • 04

    North America has higher overall literacy rates than Europe.

  • 05

    If a teacher expects that a student will love the class and do well, the student generally does well. This fact supports which theoretical effect?

  • 06

    Human Capital is a person's combination of a skills, knowledge, traits, and personal attributes.

  • 07

    The view that academic degrees indicate the holders’ qualifications to perform certain jobs or roles:

  • 08

    __________ refers to a unified system of beliefs and practices. . . which unite all those who adhere to them into one moral community.

  • 09

    Belief in and worship of one god:

  • 10

    Belief in and worship of more than one god:

  • 11

    Philosophies of Life are ways of life that focuses on a set of ethical, moral, or philosophical principles.

  • 12

    __________ is the belief that supernatural beings or spirits capable of helping or hurting people inhabit living things and inanimate objects.

  • 13

    If you believed in the practice of honoring a totem or a sacred object, what type of religion would you be practicing?

  • 14

    _______________ is the belief in a variety of supernatural forces that affect and influence people's lives.

  • 15

    Islam is the largest of the world’s religions.

  • 16

    Christianity is the fastest growing of all the world’s religions.

  • 17

    Hinduism is thought to be the oldest organized polytheistic religion, beginning more than 6000 years ago.

  • 18

    A religion that maintains friendly relations with the government and with other religions but does not claim to be the nation’s only legitimate faith:

  • 19

    A new religious movement led by charismatic leaders with few followers:

  • 20

    A formal religious organization that is well established and well integrated into its society: