• 01

    __________ refers to the division of people based on certain physical characteristics.

  • 02

    According to the text, races are:

  • 03

    Which of the following is true about race?

  • 04

    People who share common cultural characteristics:

  • 05

    What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

  • 06

    A minority group, whether racial or ethnic, is defined above all by its:

  • 07

    The dominant group is the group that has the greatest power, but not necessarily the greatest numbers.

  • 08

    Racial or ethnic group with less power than the dominant group:

  • 09

    Genocide is discrimination based on a person's race.

  • 10

    __________ is the extermination of all or most of the members of a minority group.

  • 11

    Which of the following is/are (an) example(s) of genocide?

  • 12

    Voluntary migration refers to the forced movement of people from one society to another.

  • 13

    Indigenous superordination is the subordination of an immigrant group to a dominant group.

  • 14

    __________ refers to treating individuals unequally and unjustly on the basis of their group memberships.

  • 15

    You are a member of a minority group and were hired by a company last year because of pressure from a civil rights group. This year the company is being forced to downsize and has determined to do so through the policy of “last hired, first fired.” That means you and several other minority group members will be out of a job, and will experience what is referred to as:

  • 16

    __________ describes the physical and social separation of dominant and minority groups.

  • 17

    The term __________ describes a person (or category of people) typically with little power, who is unfairly blamed for the troubles of others.

  • 18

    Although we live in a free society that claims to be equal, there are still injustices that occur because of race.

  • 19

    The statement “slavery in the South functioned to build wealth and agriculture, but it came at the expense of people being treated like animals” is a conflict perspective.

  • 20

    Conflict theorists believe racism is a result of power conflicts among different groups.