• 01

    Which of the following is not one of the three major characteristics of the human brain?

  • 02

    The human central nervous system contains which of the following structures?

  • 03

    Renata was walking to her car in a dark parking lot, when she heard a strange noise and footsteps behind her. She felt her heart start to race, her breathing got faster and shorter, and the pupils of her eyes dilated. From your study of psychology, which part of Renata’s nervous system was activated?

  • 04

    Conscious control of our body’s functions is handled by the __________ nervous system, while unconscious (unaware) body functions are controlled by the __________ nervous system.

  • 05

    When a construction crew builds a house, the most basic building block of that structure is a brick. In the very same way, the most basic unit of communication in the human nervous system is the __________.

  • 06

    The telephone wires that lead from your home to the homes of friend, relatives, and even strangers are all covered by a thick, protective tube that insulates them from damage. This tube helps eliminate damage from things like water, birds’ feet, bugs, dirt, weather, tree branches, and other potential interruptions in communication. In the human neuron, the same sort of protection is provided by the __________.

  • 07

    The electrical charge of the neuron during its __________ potential is negative, while the electrical charge of the neuron during its __________ potential is positive.

  • 08

    __________ refers to the brain’s ability to adapt, grow, and change.

  • 09

    Specifically designed to help keep you alive, __________ are rapid and automatic neuromuscular actions generated in response to a specific stimulus.

  • 10

    The spinal cord connects the brain to the __________ nervous system.

  • 11

    Why is it that when people suffer serious spinal cord injuries that they are not able to regain control of functions lost as a result of the injury?

  • 12

    Famed actor Christopher Reeve suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a horse-riding accident. Until his death several years later, Mr. Reeve required the assistance of a respirator, a machine that artificially controlled his breathing. Additionally, he was virtually unable to use any part of his body below his neck and required a tremendous amount of daily assistance. Which part of the spinal cord was damaged in Christopher Reeve’s horse-riding accident?

  • 13

    The __________ is responsible for survival-oriented functions such as breathing, cardiac function, and basic arousal.

  • 14

    Which structure (or set of structures) in the human brain is/are most responsible for experiencing emotions?

  • 15

    Which structure that is generally considered to be part of the limbic system is responsible for creating and storing memory files and for retrieving those memories when they are needed or wanted in the future?

  • 16

    Evolutionarily speaking, which part of the brain is the newest? That is to say, which part of the brain appears to have developed the most recently?

  • 17

    When you were a very young child, you may have been warned repeatedly by your parents about avoiding activities that would cause you to “hit your head.” Specifically your mother was probably worried about you doing anything that would cause you to fall backward and strike the rear-most portion of your head on the ground. If you were to have such an unfortunate fall, which lobe of the cerebral cortex would you be most likely to damage?

  • 18

    Which parts of the body get the most “space” and attention in the primary somatosensory cortex of the parietal lobe of the cerebral cortex?

  • 19

    What is the best explanation for the stark similarities between the homunculus of the primary motor cortex and the homunculus of the primary somatosensory cortex?

  • 20

    Who is most likely to have some amount of language functioning controlled by both hemispheres of their cerebrum?